Week 1: Setting up shop

Taking inventory on where your business is

Designing your social media goals

Setting up your content calendar

Setting up your social networks

Getting your first 1,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter


Week 2:

Setting up your blog

How to get traffic rolling in

Building your blog audience

How to create informative videos

How to use videos for blogging


Week 3: Everything you need to know about your website

How to create a simple WordPress website

Optimizing your landing pages

Your guide to copywriting

Beginners SEO

Advanced SEO


Week 4: The complete guide to branding

Building your personal brand

What it means to “live your brand.”


Week 5: Instagram & Facebook Marketing

Your complete guide to Instagram Marketing

Your complete guide to Facebook Marketing


Week 6: Pinterest & Twitter Marketing

Your complete guide to Pinterest Marketing

Your complete guide to Twitter Marketing



How to create a podcast to further implement your brand.